Pax Paloscia, Let the Kids Play

Pax Paloscia, Let the Kids Play - Pax Paloscia is a visual artist born in 1974, in Rome, Italy. Influenced by street art, she runs endlessly the world fitted with a camera and a suitcase full of memories. Her passion for photography and the 7th art are the driving force behind her inspiration and place the image in the center of her work.
In Let the Kids Play, Drago’s 36 Chambers series exalts the beauty and exuberance of youth as embodied by the renowned street artist, Pax Poloscia. The book is a reaction the cynicism and monotony of the adult world and a celebration of youthful creativity.
“Through graffiti, drawings, photography, videos, Pax defines her universe in the same way children play with symbolic objects of their enchanted world: watching the sand flow between fingers. To let oneself float between reflections. To fall down without getting hurt.  To stop and look at everything closely. To be able to be a thousand different things, to travel in impossible worlds. To feel free, protected, eternal and invincible.” – Laura Lombardi
Pax Paloscia, Let the Kids Play
Softcover, 17x24 cm, 96 pages  |  Drago Publisher   |  ISBN: 978-88-88493-20-6 
Designed by Kittesencula Ltd.
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