The French Academy in Rome, directed by Frédéric Mitterrand, presented the Noir et blanc exhibition by photographer Marco Delogu, from Wednesday 15 October to Sunday 30 November 2008, with over 70 black and white photographs illustrating his long artistic career , from the late 1980s to the most recent works, exhibited for the first time to the public, in the Galleries of Villa Medici. The exhibition was conceived under the direction of Richard Peduzzi. The title of the Noir et blanc exhibition summarizes a work mainly focused on portraits, from cardinals to Roman statues, from gypsies to jockeys, from prison to peasants and shepherds, but also on a series of new studies such as "Two migrations" and "Four studies of horses ”, in which Delogu shifts the attention from man to what surrounds him. They are a first step in the direction of the new sense of freedom that characterizes his latest work, Nature: plural that indicates a new space, without constraints made up of fields, woods, beaches, of tracks followed without a precise destination.
The exhibition aims to reflect the immediate relationship, devoid of superstructures, clear and without nuances that the artist has always had in approaching photography, a sign of an attention that distinguishes a constant work focused on the simplification of the photographic image, always considered in the its essential elements. The exhibition at Villa Medici brings together many of Marco Delogu's most famous photographs, but also a series of entirely new works exhibited, for the first time, on this occasion. A great portraitist, in his projects he has mainly dedicated himself to people, starting with the Roman Portraits (1989), large-format Polaroids of the faces of statues of the Capitoline Museums and the Vatican Museums, masks of the time that blend with the faces of the Romans encountered every day, to his portraits made in England during the 90s. The catalogue “The Noir et blanc” exhibition was accompanied by a bilingual catalog (Italian and French) published by Contrasto, with texts by Frédéric Mitterrand, Richard Peduzzi, Clement Cheroux, Francesco Zanot, Tim Davis and a long interview by Alessandra Mammì.
Marco Delogu, Noir et Blanc
Hardcover, 38x26 cm, 144 pages  |  Contrasto Books  |  978-88-6965-117-5
Designed and made by Nicola Veccia Scavalli