Siena pays tribute to 'its' Palio jockeys on the very day when the Carriera of Provenzano, canceled for epidemiological reasons, was to be run.
A photographic exhibition by Marco Delogu entitled ’I trenta assassin”. Fifty portraits are on display, twenty-nine made in 1998, five in 2003 and sixteen ex novo in June this year, capturing the faces of jockeys of yesterday and today.
The exhibition venue chosen by the City Council is also a symbolic place of the Palio: the Cortile del Podestà in the Palazzo Pubblico. From here in fact, better known as the entrone, usually, precisely on July 2, riding the barbarians participating in the career, the same jockeys photographed by Delogu, have found themselves over the years amid uncertainties and hopes while waiting for the race. "On this day that for us Sienese today represents a celebration, we find ourselves united in this sacred place with the faces of our jockeys around us, who unfortunately today we will see in other attire than the traditional one planned for July 2," explains Siena Mayor Luigi De Mossi. "All the jockeys are looking at me in the car, all 50 of them will nail the audience with the tale of a very long story," adds Marco Delogu.
I trenta assassini
Softcover, 24x30 cm, 88 pages  |  Punctum Press  |  978-88-95410-48-7 
Designed and made by Nicola Veccia Scavalli