His first solo exhibition is at Kornblee Gallery in 1983. During those years he began making large environmental installations, in the urban and natural landscape, in the U.S., Europe and later in Brazil.
Notable works include: Still Night on the roof of Clocktower Gallery (P.S.1 ) in 1989 and Holy Tunnel on Canal Street (Tribeca) in 1991 in New York; 180 Sedie in Capri, on the Via Krupp, in 1991; Lo Scrittore/The Writer, an installation in Villa Ada Park in Rome in 2003, then in London in Hampstead Heath Park in 2005, and finally placed in the Villa Reale in Monza; Massimo Silenzio at Circo Massimo in Rome (2007) then replicated in Madrid (2008), Dubai (2009) and Rio de Janeiro (Praça Paris, 2012); Luna & Laltra, permanent work at Castel Sant'Elmo in Naples, 2008; Glória! On the facade of the Hotel Glória in Rio de Janeiro, 2009.
Among his most recent works; Mistério Napolitano in Lisbon (2014); Latinorum in the archaeological site of the Roman Houses of the Celio in Rome, (2014); Audioghost68, installation/performance on Burri's Grande Cretto in Sicily (2015); Barroco Elétrico at the Oi Futuro foundation in Rio de Janeiro (2016) and Lune for the 60th anniversary of the Spoleto Festival, 2017.
In January 2018, he was first in the rankings of the call called by the Lazio Region Arte sui Cammini with the project Three Gates of In-Perfection, led by Angelo Cricchi, with artists Davide Dormino and Goldschmied& Chiari.
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