In 1992 Estevan Oriol, the bouncer at one of Los Angeles’ most notorious night clubs, became the manager of the rap group House of Pain. Thanks to the old camera given to him by his father, Estevan began to document life on the road and he discovered a new passion for photography. From this he was to become the most highly requested photographer in the Urban and Hip Hop community.
This is the first book of Estevan Oriol, the most important photographer of Latino culture and hip hop. LA Women is a book is dedicated to cutting edge women of Los Angeles - silent ambassador of a new style that is not at all centred on WASP culture. Los Angeles based photographer, Oriol’s career has covered shooting photographs of his neighborhood homies, Hollywood celebrities, hip hop stars, and artists. His raw style has led him to photograph everyone from Forest Whittaker and Dennis Hopper to Eminem, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Mena Suvari. His vision has been throughout the nineties and still is today the official eye through which the world will see the Streets of Los Angeles.
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