Elisa Montessori, Anne Marie Sauzeau: Sotto il Segno di Dafne - Montessori was born in Genoa on 18 June 1931. She has been living and working in Trastevere in Rome, where she owns a studio. She was interested in drawing since childhood. She studied classical subjects and graduated with a humanities degree in 1953 from La Sapienza University. After graduation, she was trained at Mirko's studio in direct contact with the Gruppo Origine: Colla, Burri, and Capogrossi. With Mirko Basaldella she started experimenting with techniques such as egg tempera, ceramics, goldworking, and incision.
Coherent with the rest of her opus, these works are inspired in colours and techniques by the Asian culture, with a particular focus on the delicate butterflies and the famous classic myth on Daphne.
Elisa Montessori, Anne Marie Sauzeau, Sotto il Segno di Dafne
Hardcover, 23x33 cm, 112 pages  |  Punctum Press  |  ISBN: 978-88-95410-25-8
Designed and made by Nicola Veccia Scavalli