Giovanni Anselmo, Bizhan Bassiri, Per Kirkeby, Jannis Kounellis, and Franz West have each in their own way created mental landscapes through the unfolding of the work has been transformed to physical locations that can be recognized and consumed by sense and sight. 
These imaginary’s maps takes place on different backgrounds. 
Giovanni Anselmo (Italian b. 1934) is today considered one of the most important contemporary Italian artists, creates a space of discreet materialized thought connections in images with scripture, light and sound combined with objects of wood, granite or metal. 
Bizhan Bassiri (b. 1954 in Tehran), which last showed a solo exhibition in connection with the Venice Biennale in 2011, describes magma and meteorites as part of the cosmic forces that slumbers in nature. Per Kirkeby (Danish b. 1938) is internationally the most important Danish artist. In his work ever visited new unexplored aspects of consciousness. 
Jannis Kounellis (Greek b. 1934) has over 50 years been one of the pioneering artists of Arte Povera and his works where he stages of memory effect in imaginary landscapes can include seen in Louisiana’s collections. Franz West (Austrian, b. 1947), who in 2011 received the Venice Biennale Gold Lion for his life’s work creates especially for the exhibition chairs and sofas, where the audience interacts and becomes part of the work. The exhibition was prepared in cooperation with the Italian curator Bruno Cora and the exhibition catalog published simultaneously in Denmark and Italy.
Bruno Corà, Paesaggi della mente
Hardcover, 26x32 cm, 224 pages  |  Drago Publisher   |  978-3-86678-009-5
Designed and made by Nicola Veccia Scavalli