B.A.D. Beautiful And Determined began in America, 2013: authors Erika Z. Figabomba and Alessandra Tisato drove from Nevada to the Bay Area, via San Diego, taking over 10.000 photos of beautiful, powerful women and non-binary people. These photographs do not only celebrate beauty in a way that is far from the polished, glossy images of fashion and advertising; they also explore the meaning of nakedness in a society that seems to prioritise superficial entertainment over women/non-binary sexuality and overall body positivity. This book, with 224 pages and more than 100 coloured photographs, is a celebration of Beauty, Determination and Empowerment free from all genders and stereotypes. B.A.D. Beautiful And Determined is a revolution brought out to you through hundreds of photographs taken all around the world during a period of over 6 years. The book also contains critical texts by Carlotta Cossutta, a precarious researcher in political philosophy, who works on feminism and queer theories in and out of academia and Elle Stanger, a queer person who writes sex education, short stories and advice columns that work to reduce shame and harm related to sexuality and touch.
Erika Z. Figabomba was born in Venice, Italy. She is a freelance photographer ‘extraordinaire’ with proven experience working with newspapers and magazine production, both printed and digital. The majority of her work involves people and their surroundings. Pro photographer since 2005, Erika worked as an art-director and dance performer for about a decade. She currently resides in the Netherlands. Since 2006 she has been modeling and photographing for the worldwide famous site www.suicidegirls.com under the name of Waikiki Suicide. In her artistic career she took part in several Art Exhibitions throughout the world, exposing photographs of people in their everyday environments. 
Alessandra Tisato was born in Milan, Italy, where she now lives and works. She has been working as a freelance photographer since 2001, mainly in the fields of fashion and portrait photography. Since 2003 she has been photographing for the world famous website www.suicidegirls.com under the name Albertine Suicide. At the same time, she has been working on personal projects, mainly connected to the female body and female stereotypes and since 2007 she has been an active member of the Italian art collective Punk Surrealism, under the name of Banana. In 2014 she decided to drop photography as a way of living, fully embracing her passion for yoga and becoming a yoga instructor.
B.A.D. Beautiful and Determined
Hardcover, 23 x 28 cm, 224 pages  |  Drago Publisher  |  ISBN: 978-88-98565-45-0
Designed and made by Nicola Veccia Scavalli