The exhibition is a project of the National Committee of Dante Celebrations 2021 established by the MIC Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Special Superintendence from Roma Culture, Capitoline Superintendence for Cultural Heritage and with the support of the Donna Regina Foundation of Naples.
Conceived and curated by Alessandra Mammì, the exhibition is produced by the Roccantica Study Center, an interdisciplinary cultural association founded by Ileana Florescu in 2018.
After the first Roman stage, until 19 September, the project continues in Naples at the Madre Museum, partner of the initiative. The exhibition involves 10 contemporary Italian artists of different generations: Micol Assaël, the photographer Letizia Battaglia, Elisabetta Benassi, Marta dell'Angelo, the artist and filmmaker Rä di Martino, Giosetta Fioroni, Marzia Migliora, Sabina Mirri, Elisa Montessori and a work of visual art by poet Patrizia Cavalli. “The project of this exhibition”, says the curator Alessandra Mammì, “takes its cue from the famous youthful text by Dante Alighieri, proposing to ask the artists for a work inspired by the themes of Vita Nova: the celebration of love; the appearance and sanctification of the beloved woman; the marriage of love and death; the spiritual elevation and the search for God through earthly love, but also the cruelty of love as it appears in Dante’s disturbing dream which imagines Beatrice in the act of eating her heart ”.
La Vita Nova
Softcover, 24 x 28 cm, 148 pages  |  All’Insegna del Mare | 978-88-95410-37-1 
Designed and made by Nicola Veccia Scavalli